Welcome to Springfield Meadows

Springfield Meadows is a project of 25 Climate Positive homes located in Southmoor, Oxfordshire. Benefitting from diverse shared outdoor spaces and private gardens, it consists of 9 affordable houses and 16 private. They are all beautiful, high-performance homes, which provide comfortable, low-carbon living, thanks to the use of our Biond system . Biond is an off-site manufactured, closed panel timber frame construction, insulated with Lime-Hemp and natural fibre insulation. All 25 homes are built to the same Passivhaus standards. Springfield Meadows has been awarded One Planet Living Global Leader status by the leading environmental charity Bioregional.

We think Springfield Meadows is the most sustainable development in the country because we’ve combined a few things that haven’t been done together before.

  • Zero embodied carbon.
  • Net-zero energy in use.
  • The second phase of the project locks up more carbon than it emits and generates more energy than it uses. We call this Climate Positive.
  • One Planet Living Global Leadership.
  • BBO Wildlife Trust partnership.
  • Elimination of gas utilities to create an all electric development helping to decarbonise the grid.

    We are currently building the last 2 homes, if you are interested in finding out more, click here.

    Springfield Farm, Southmoor

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