We’re here to help

even when the build is finished

At Greencore, we don’t just build your home. We care about providing you with the right support after our building work is complete.

With thorough handover and post-occupancy support, we make sure your home continues to provide the level of comfort and performance you expect.

Handing over your home

Once your home’s superstructure is complete, we’ll inspect it with you and give you a handover certificate.

This will confirm the quality assurance checks have been done and the air-tightness target has been achieved. At this stage your home is ready for services and fit out.

Post-occupancy monitoring

We believe monitoring and evaluating the performance of your home after you’ve moved in is vital. After all, you want to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

We can do this for you or show you how to monitor your home’s performance yourself.