A smarter approach

to sustainable housebuilding

Budget and timescale overruns are common on many self-build and development projects. Often, unforeseen on-site delays are to blame, especially with our unpredictable weather.

We build the hemp-lime panels that make up your home’s superstructure in our factory. This offsite housebuilding approach means we can minimise the time spent on-site so your project runs to schedule and budget.

What’s more, once the hemp-lime panels arrive on site, they can be installed straight away – taking your home to a weather tight state in just a few days.

Why build hemp-lime panels offsite?

Traditionally, hemp-lime is placed into a building as a wet mix on site. Before any finishes can be applied, the mix must dry out completely – a frustratingly long process. Our factory-made panel system eliminates this problem.

The hemp-lime panels are fabricated offsite and delivered in a fully dried and ready-to-build state. And because the panels are made under factory conditions, you can be sure they will fit closely and be easy to erect.

Other benefits of offsite manufacturing

  • Our wall panels are manufactured within a tightly managed process so that quality can be assured.
  • Floor and roof cassettes (with insulation and roof lights fitted) can be manufactured in the factory to speed up construction and deliver high quality standards.