Build your home

with smart, natural materials

All our homes are designed and built to deliver the Passivhaus energy efficiency targets.

What’s more, we complete every project using high performance, natural materials where possible. This means our houses lock up more embodied and operational carbon than they emit. They are also designed with enough PV panels to generate more energy than they use. We call this Climate Positive.

Hemp-lime and wood fibre insulation

A study carried out by scientists at Bath University showed that hemp-lime panels have nearly 4 times the thermal inertia of mineral wool panels. That’s why we use hemp-lime and wood fibre insulation in our homes.

Timber frame panels

We use timber across the entire superstructure of our homes. All the timber is sourced from sustainable managed sources.

Low-cement concretes

The eco-credentials of our homes extend below ground, too. We use low-cement-based concretes in the substructure of all our homes.

How we measure the performance of your home

The living comfort and energy efficiency of every Greencore home
is measured by three key elements:

Thermal performance

We aim to build homes that are comfortable to live in whatever the weather. By combining high performance, natural building materials with state-of-the-art ventilation and heat recovery technology, our homes target annual heating and cooling energy of 15kWhr/m2/a with a peak heating load of 10W/m2.

Humidity control

Our homes actively remove moist air from bathrooms and kitchens, and send dry fresh air into living quarters such as bedrooms and social areas. In addition, we install humidity sensors to maintain control.

Indoor air quality

All Greencore homes benefit from higher than average indoor air quality, thanks to a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) unit. This maintains a flow of fresh air into the building. The MVHR is equipped with filters to help exclude pollen and other irritants.

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