Comfortable, natural, efficient:

It’s how a home should be

Are you a self-builder planning your dream property? Are you a land owner looking to develop a site with sustainable homes?

Our approach to building is simple. We believe every home should be comfortable, efficient, quick to build, and made with as little impact to the environment as possible.

We offer a ‘concept to keys’ service that can deliver the home you are dreaming about.

Our experienced team has helped more than 200 self-builders and developers achieve exactly that.


Here's why people choose to work with us

Enjoy healthier living in the comfort of your home

Greencore homeowners enjoy better health at home, thanks to
improved indoor air quality and living comfort.

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Say hello to verylow energy bills

In a Greencore home, high thermal performance comes as standard.
So you’ll save money on your energy bills from the day you move in.

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Go from ground to weather tight in just 2 weeks

Your home’s superstructure is constructed off-site, which means
it can be erected and weather tight within 2 weeks.

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Build your dream home with zero impact on the environment

From off-site construction to on-site build and running
your new home, every step is a low-carbon step.

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