Feel healthier

in the comfort of your own home

Greencore homes are designed to deliver a better living environment that should help those with allergies and respiratory illnesses.

That’s because a Greencore home incorporates systems to regulate humidity and provide a constant flow of clean, fresh air. It also keeps the indoor temperature stable and comfortable whatever the weather.

How a Greencore home helps you stay healthy

In a Greencore home, your comfort is the priority.
There are 4 ways our homes help to improve your health and wellbeing:

High thermal performance

The hemp-lime insulation in your home, coupled with a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) system, helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in all weathers.

Intelligent humidity control

Our homes are designed to remove moist air from bathrooms and kitchens, and send dry air to living areas such as bedrooms and social areas.

Improved indoor air quality

The discrete and easy-to-run MVHR unit makes sure there is a constant flow of fresh air into your home. The unit can be fitted with filters to block pollen and other irritants.

Natural construction materials

We minimise, and where possible eliminate, the use of harmful chemicals - such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - in our homes.

Find out how

we make healthier homes

Discover the high-performance, natural materials we use to build our homes.